Project Description

Gantry Installations


Project Brief

We received circa 3000 bookings per annum direct from the client interface. We were required to carry out a pre installation check on each booking and, on approval, to install the correct size gantry along with the associated value items such as wings. All old displays had to be removed from store and recycled or disposed of accordingly. All stock to be transferred as per new planogram and priced according to the trader’s specifications.

Our Approach

Both pre and post installation pictures to be collected along with site data and signature capture. All to be transmitted direct from store and made available via our unique web portal.


All stores had a telephone audit at the time of installation plus a sample physical audit.


Old displays were removed and newly designed ones installed.


Regular updates were provided for the client summarising stores completed and remaining job schedules.

Project Date

April 1998 to present


20 Working days per calendar month with up to 30 staff working at any one time dependant on seasonal volume 51 weeks per year.


All stores to be attended within the timescale plus additional stores as required to address new openings. Target compliance of 98% has been achieved and results are published on a monthly basis as of Jan 2007.

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