Project Description

Tesco – Super upmarket express stores


Project Brief

To install wooden perimeter framework, low level and high level signage throughout super upmarket Tesco express stores.

Our Approach

Stores of this nature needed to be treated with a high level of sensitivity. Their location throughout London is what determines their affluency and working with the surrounding area and contractor is essential to get stores completed on time and in the most efficient manner.

Fitting teams will be using wooden frames which need to be cut and installed into stores in different ways; each store is different with variations involving reduced height ceiling, bulkhead or fridge mounted framework.

Teams will transmit live photographs and information from each site to ensure we can keep on top of any changes and be in constant contact with the client to make certain we are meeting their needs.


Each store will be issued a programme of works by the contractor – these will provide dates for our operatives to be at site and dates for completion. It is then our job to allocate correct resource, provide the correct tooling and ensure the correct kit is ordered and provided for the store.

The expectation is for all stores to be completed for contractor handover back to the Tesco store staff. With this is mind we must self-snag our works along the way and work alongside Tesco design and development managers to get the store spot on for re-opening.

All fitters were CSCS accredited along with production of RAMS to ensure we met all of our health and safety obligations. The majority of these are building sites so following correct procedure is key to safety and working efficiently. All works are signed off by the site manager and the compulsory Tesco scorecard system is used and works graded using the RAG system – all stores are to be ‘Green’ when handover arrives.

All installations were supported by our unique real time web based reporting system enabling data and photos to be transmitted direct from store.

Project Date

March 2016


March to November 2016

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