Over 2,000 Fascias, Over 5,000 Blades – IN FIVE MONTHS…

Earlier this year in September, we announced how information about one of our installation projects with News UK

To recap, Adinstall were employed as 1 of 3 installation businesses to work with News UK on their largest investment in independent retail EVER!

This follows the launch last November of Retail+, News UK’s major initiative to improve communications with and maximise sales for over 30,000 independent retailers who sell The Sun, The Times and The Sunday Times.

Independent retailers responded en-mass to the opportunity to brighten up their in-store displays and shop fronts, including striking new awnings adorned with the world-famous brands of The Sun or The Times.

Increasing newspaper sales can make a real difference to the bottom line for many retailers as research shows that 69% of shoppers buy other items in addition to a newspaper and that those buyers tend to be more loyal, with 35% of them visiting the same store every day compared to 22% of non-newspaper buyers.

The project is now complete and the figures below highlight Adinstall’s achievements with this project.

Total Fascias – 2,365 – Adinstall (1,311) [56%] Total Blades – 6,296 – Adinstall (1507) [24%] Vinyls (426)

Total installs by Adinstall over a 5 month period – 3,244

You can also view the infographic for more details: