I know when you hear the word Christmas, a cold shiver tingles up your spine, but your store needs to be ready to take advantage of the Christmas trade.

Simply put, your store must be at its best, so you need to review every element of the store to ensure that you attract every opportunity for your customers pound to be spent in your store.

You need to take advantage of your Christmas customer and ensure their pound is spent in your store

Take a good look around your store and identify any weak areas. This applies to both externally and internally.

The first thing your customers see is what your store looks like, and your shop window displays are key to getting customers into your store.



Which sign do you see first?

Is your shop sign easy to see?
Does it look its best? Is it fitted correctly?
What will your customers think when then see your sign?
Can your sign be seen in poor light?
Does your sign stand out from the crowd?

If you do have a problem, don’t panic as we can help.

Our installation team can resolve any installation issues, and if your sign needs replacing or updating, our sister company can design you a new sign.

Shop Front

An inviting shop exterior is the first step in the sale.

What does your window display look like?
Are your windows clean?
Does your shop front need a lick of paint?
Is your window signage and vinyl’s up to scratch?
Does your window display need lighting?


An inviting shop and a good display invites your customer to spend longer and spend more in your store.

Are your displays in peak condition?
Are you trying to save cost at the expense of the sale?
Is your message clear on your displays?
Is your store inviting?

Adinstall and Adglow are industry experts at designing, manufacturing and installing store point of sale / point of purchase displays as well as shop exterior installations & upgrades, signage, fascia’s, vinyl’s etc.

If you need to review your store, don’t hesitate and contact us today, as you may be compromising your Christmas trade.