Project Brief

With the increasing need for protective screens to be in place to allow businesses to re-open safely during the COVID-19 pandemic, Gym Group employed Adinstall to assemble and install freestanding screens between equipment throughout their various locations across the country. Screens were delivered flat packed for ease of transport and then assembled on site at each gym with varying quantities dependant on the size or the gym itself.

Our Approach

Collation of screens prior to install completed at our head office warehouse with scheduled routes planned to cover all locations within the small timeframe Gym Group had set. All screens were to be installed prior to the gym sites reopening after the UK lockdown to ensure sites were ready to open safely for their customers.

Gym Group reps met each of our teams on site to open each gym while our teams built each stand and installed in the set locations directed by Gym Group.

Full project management throughout the job from our office-based account management team with support in the field by the project appointed Field Manager as required.

On site pre and post installation pictures to be collected along with site data and signature capture from duty/store manager.

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